Sunday, September 13, 2009

Playing for Change

I just came across this groovy collaboration involving musicians around the world...

(catch the Qantas tail at 1:56)

I've signed up here and just can't wait to get involved in some Australian bit. I dream of things like this!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why don't you start up a school band?

A lovely older teacher who sometimes casuals at my school approached me during our fortnightly whole-school assembly on Friday morning. 

After a bit of chat about students he'd observed with musical talent (to soften up his target, no doubt) he got to the point.

"Why don't you start up a school band?"

By the end of the morning it was in the works. Stage 3 AP believes it's viable, it was David's idea, so of course he believes in it, and I would so dearly like to see this happen. Thank God for people of action and vigour; how I love them!

As much as the others are convicted of its inevitable future success, my confidence at being able to co-ordinate such a group has not been growing. But yes, I do believe in student ownership, trusting responsible students with natural leadership qualities, and for every child to learn and love music. It's funny the way separate and distinct messages relating to the same idea make their way into your life. This afternoon, I flipped channels and discovered the BBC documentary Soweto Strings about Rosemary Nalden's Buskaid and the wealth of musical talent in the depths of gritty urban South Africa. Timely. To paraphrase Rosemary from the documentary (probably grossly inaccurate, but I hope you grasp the meaning):

My purpose is to teach them 
that they should not aim 
for anything less 
than anyone else.

Time to speak with those in the know, research, plan and prepare!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh dear, made a mistake

Received a call from an ex-student's mother who was calling for a friend, asking about holiday tutoring and my rate - but I accidentally gave my piano lesson rate - which is double! Oh my goodness I feel terrible but I don't have her number. They must be wondering what happened with the rate of inflation over the course of two years!


I don't like being that up front about money in my boldest moments.

Fortunately I said that these holidays weren't possible, so there's some time. I think tomorrow I'll drive over to Cherrybrook before band and clarify. Left a message with W who should know the number, but I want to fix up my incorrect info a.s.a.p.!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Need a Translator!

Here are three links briefly covering the Golden Kangaroos when we were in Europe in June - July last year. It will help if you understand French!


Integrity in Change

This year is off to an unusual start.

Our illustrious Director of Music (DOM) has not been well and we are all very concerned for his well-being. Prolonged periods of difficulty from multiple sources seem to rain down at times, but it is a comfort to know that they don't go on indefinitely...prayers and love to our dear DOM. I think some home-cooked meals are in order upon his return!

Yet there's a renewed vigour following our European Tour of last year and with the injection of new members at the start of this year. The sax section is on top of things, as could only be expected! Jeanette and Jim here never miss a beat (nor do the rest of the troop for that matter, being Jiro, Kieran, Ervin, John, Gilbert and myself hehehe). Wow, eight of us - surely an indomitable force!

Mr Grieve is such an encouragement and inspires us into closer study of our instrument. If I hadn't joined the band at the beginning of 2007, I'd find it difficult to play WITH others spontaneously, as Steve says, with ensemble, which until then, I didn't know this meaning of - now it takes on a greater significance. I love how words originate and evolve in the scope of their usage.

I know that not many people have gotten on board with Twitter yet, but I've started a Twitter account for the GKs. It may be a useful tool. I'm putting updates on as they come up. Marnie has also set up a Friends of the Golden Kangaroos mailing list which is such a simple and effective way of keeping interested parties in touch with our goings-on, news and events.

Being a largely visual person (although I think that term is simplistic) I have to include one last photo for now, with our energetic President in a most comfortable position - up the front, talking :P Honestly, thanks for all that you bring to the table, Warwick :)